TÜV bestehen ohne servo moeglich?

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TÜV bestehen ohne servo moeglich?

Beitragvon Captnpepsi » 12.02.2020, 09:58

hi there,

I bought an s1000rr that had the servo motor disconnected. Would it be possible to get it to pass the TÜV like this or is it absolutely necessary to reconnect the servo?

If i need to reconnect the servo is this fairly easy to do or problematic?

As additional information: the previous owner disconnected the servo because he had a racing exhaust system on it - he also modified the servo computer so that the failure message does not appear on the dashboard while the servo is disconnected. Currently i put the original exhaust system back on but without connecting the servo...
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Re: TÜV bestehen ohne servo moeglich?

Beitragvon GX-10 » 12.02.2020, 17:34

just try it!

if the exhaust values ​​could fit, the motorcycle will not be too loud with the original exhaust!
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